About us  

The company was founded in January 1999 by Dr. Waldemar Neumüller.

Based on his experience and patents in protein processing the young company started a relationship with Flottweg, Germany. Flottweg is known as one of the leading companies for centrifuges worldwide.

Together PCN and Flottweg developed a special high speed centrifuge for isolating proteins in best quality and yield. This centrifuge got the name "Prodecanter"".

Based on this technology an industrial demonstration plant for isolation of functional and hydrolysed proteins was build in 2000 in Germany. Planned as a multi purpose plant all by-products of vegetable proteins like fibers and starches can be run on the same plant, too.

Due to their expertise and supported by the scale of the demonstration plant PCN develops strategies and recipes for economic industrial productions of proteins and related by-products. Our customers get a one to one evaluation of a process before an industrial risk is taken.

With experts and companies on side PCN is able to take over projects from basic research to installation of a turn key plant.

We accompany our customer from the initial idea to the market.

"No, impossible" is nothing what we will accept. Our goal is to find a way to realize economically what our customers have in mind.

Therefore PCN Protein-Consulting is going to be your leading partner in protein production and protein business now.

Count on us.

Telephone: +49 (0) 551 / 37 912 28
Fax: +49 (0) 551 / 37 37 62
E-Mail: info@pcn-proteinconsulting.com
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